Party Pies

A party essential! Choose from our
range of 5 different flavours to suit 
all tastebuds. 

Varieties available -
Traditional Plain
Tomato & Onion
Pepper Gravy & Mushroom
Spinach & Lentil

10 pieces per bag - $25

image-316975-Walnut  Almond  Jumbo Sausage Rolls.jpg?1427966752615

Party Sausage Rolls

Crispy, flakey, sesame seed topped pastry 
with walnut filling. Great for parties or
just to have on hand in the
freezer for a quick & easy snack!

10 pieces per bag - $25

image-316976-Pizza Scrolls.jpg?1427966941399

Pizza Pinwheels with Mozzarella

Pastry swirls with oozy cheese. A quick
oven bake away from the ultimate hot party
food or snack.

Varieties available -
Veggie Lovers
10 pieces per bag - $30

Popcorn Tofu

Lightly salted, buttery flavoured,
oven bakeable, organic tofu snacks.
Serve with your favourite dipping

Gluten Free

30 pieces per bag - $40

image-311094-Traditional Nuggets.jpg?1432193972280

VegOfOz Traditional Nuggets

These taste like traditional nuggets
A real hit with kids. Serve with your
favourite dipping sauce. 

Soy Free

30 pieces per bag - $40

image-311098-Quinoa Aranchini 2.jpg?1433545215201

Quinoa Arancini
Impress your guests when you serve
these crispy crumbed balls of quinoa with
lentil bolognaise filling. Don't spend
your time in the kitchen, just pop these
in the oven and enjoy the party.

6 pieces per bag - $30

image-374457-Meat Pies.jpg?1431419410096

​Savoury Pies - Single Serve

Winner, winner Aussie dinner! With a squirt
of sauce & a side of chips & veggies these
are the answer to your dinner dilemma.

Varieties available - 
Traditional Plain
Tomato, Onion & Garlic
Lentil, Mushroom & Pepper Gravy
Spinach & Lentil
$6 each

image-450433-HAAH Aussie Burger Patties - HAAH LOGO ONLY.jpg?1436510252157

Hart Acres Burger Patties
The most amazing schnitzel style patty 
that is so versatile. Serve on a burger bun
with salad, sliced up on top of ramen, or 
even use in a caesar salad!

$5 each
$1 from every Hart Acres Burger Patty sold goes directly to
Hart Acres Animal Haven
image-316998-Falafels and Burger 4.jpg?1432193814420

Falafel Burger Patties
Sprouted chickpea and amaranth falafel
burger patty. Serve with hummus, tabouli
& salad either on a burger bun or on its own.

Gluten Free

$5 each
image-311322-Walnut Meatballs.jpg?1433542196415


A quick and easy midweek meal or plate
of party finger food Just oven heat these
little balls of flavour and add to your choice
of sauce, serve over pasta, or by themselves.
Great for kids.

Varieties available -
Traditional Meatballs​​​​
Walnut Meatballs

(Sauce not included. Serving suggestion only.)

20 pieces per bag - $30

image-429384-VegOfOz Spring Rolls.jpg?1434675051058

Spring Rolls

Crispy mini rolls with VegOfOz Veggie-Meat
filling, a little hint of garlic, and a burst
of flavour with each bite. Deep fry or oven bake
and serve with your favourite dipping sauces.

Varieties available -
​​​​Vegetable & Ginger
Vegetable, "Meat" & Garlic 

20 pieces - $30

image-521599-Wontons - Website.jpg?1445132009719


Steam, boil, or fry these little morsels of
flavour. Great served as an appetiser on
their own, in a soup or with rice and
vegetables to make a complete
meal the whole family will enjoy.

Varieties available -
Mushroom, Garlic & Lemongrass
Mushroom, Ginger & Shallot
Mushroom, Spinach & Ginger
30 pieces - $40


KFV (Fried "Chicken")

Simply oven bake these generous
sized pieces of pre-flash-fried, spiced
vegan "chicken" for an easy addition
to a salad, creamy mash and veggies,
or of course chips!

4 pieces - $30

"Chicken" Tender Strips

Oven bakeable crispy breaded strips
perfect as party finger food dippers,
served as a meal with veggies, on a
baguette with salad, chopped up through
fried rice, or just as a weekend snack.

Small Bag (10 pieces) - $25
Large Bag (20 pieces) - $40


We have lasagne for everyone! Made 
with handmade cheese and bechamel
sauce these are a weekly dinner must!
So fill your freezer. No one ever gets sick 
of lasagne. Do they? Choose from our
three varieties in either family size or
single serve.

Varieties available -
Traditional "Meat" - Family Size - $50
Silverbeet & Mushroom - Family Size - $50
Organic Sprouted Lentil - Family Size - $70
Traditional "Meat" - Single Serve - $15
Silverbeet & Mushroom - Single Serve - $15
Organic Sprouted Lentil - Single Serve - $20